Why Carry Minati Video Got Deleted?

YouTube vs Tiktok

Why CARRY MINATI video got deleted from youtube?

3 Reasons you should know.

As you know, a week ago CARRY MINATI roasted so called TikToker Amir Siddique (Bhai bhai Bhai) over so called his imagination being a social media influencer and Star and roasted him with facts and figure. Today, an hour ago the video of the roasting got deleted because of some circumstances.

The Fact that Carry Minati (Ajay Nagar) being a YouTube content creator used to make Roast Videos on the various topics being it Tv channels, celebrities, tv shows or any other topic. The whole youtube revamped itself after he made video on so called TikTok sensation Amir Sidiqque where he roasted him very badly and now the video has been removed. It’s a big question for every user about the removal of the video. It is so nostalgic and suspicious at the same time why the video got deleted.

Let’s focus on some of its reasons:

  1. At times there are chances when Youtube takes on responsibility for what to show and what not.

Lekin Carry ne kuch gaklat to kia nae tha.

  1. Sometimes reporting a video being offensive or abusive makes it more likely to be removed.

Carry ki le li gyi h ☹

  1. Yaa to hamare carry bhaia ne khudse video ko hata dia hai.

Ye to wae baat ho gyi, Neki kar aur daria me daal.

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