Basic trendsetting fashion senses which don’t let you feel lame all long as women have heck lot of stuffs to wear.  As we all know men don’t have much have options to go with in terms of dressing. Same boring office wear to casual wear, Office to home and back to office with the same sense of clothing all throughout.  But my dear friend, you got it wrong. We men do have lots of things to add to our basic dressing sense. We can make our outfit worth even with the very basic formal one’s just by choosing the appropriate attire and clothes.  From very basic office formals to casuals to college going folks to outing outfits, we cover all specially in a detailed manner to keep you attire a comfortable yet stylish one.

The Office Formals

Office formals are those set of clothes which are of plain texture and mostly light shade colors or those regulated totally according to the very basic office norms of office wear. A plain textured shirt either stripes or small checks or just of a plain color is what it makes a formal shirt whereas plain textured pants specially in dark color well stitched and regular fir is the formal pant.

The question is how to make this particular set of outfit a stylish one.

  • Pair a light colored shirt with a grey trouser with brogues either black or brown.
  • One can pair it up with a checked shirt with straight collar well ironed and yes matte finish trouser and a pair boat shoes.
  • A tie can make you look more formal specially when the tie is also of matte finish.

The Office Casuals

Office casuals are those outfits which are way more comfortable in every way, they are loose, comfortable yet stylish. One must always choose proper office casuals to add to their basic day to day life. Some of the office casuals one can go with are:

  • Add your wardrobe with plain color tees specially polo tees(tees having collar attached are polo tees) with chinos and a pair of comfortable shoes.
  • One can also go with vibrant cheerful shirts with chinos and moccasins.
  • Adding sneakers to your dressing also makes you look more stylish and comfortable.


 Casuals are those pair of clothes which are comfortable, stylish and can be wore anywhere anytime specially with sneakers or boat shoes and yes sports shoes too. Casuals makes you feel relaxed the time you go with it. They keeps you free and comfortable all long. They sometimes help you to make you look more young even. Some of the attires one can go with are:

  • Add a pair of comfortable shirts specially the loose one with a pair of joggers and white sports shoes and there you go to rock the style.
  • One can also go with graphic tees and joggers/distress jeans and a pair of classic sneakers and you are ready to bomb.
  • A pair of linen shirts with vibrant and casual chinos adds a style statement to your look. Don’t forget to go with proper boat shoes or moccasins.
The College Look

 College outfit’s doesn’t decide with the choice of clothing. It’s the time when you are authorized to make a fashion statement to your life. What you need to know is how to pair everything in true and correct sense and you are ready to rock yourself in your college. Some must to check outfits are:

  • Add you dressing with graphic tees and joggers with colorful sneakers.
  • You can also go with plain tees with casual front opened shirt and distress jeans with boots. This pair will make you look smarter anyway.
  • You can also add your routine with denim shirts and chinos with simple brogues.

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